Fact Checking

Fact Checking

My opponent has made accusations about me which are misrepresenting or — even worse — complete lies. As an educated voter, you’re doing your part to search for the facts about the issues and the candidates. I want to do my part, too.

Here, I aim to address the accusations my opponent has made about me.

A Supporter of Peace & Veterans

My opponent is running a “guilt by association” attack, stemming from my involvement with a local SLO Code Pink: Women for Peace organization, made up of parents, teachers, nurses, librarians, doctors and clergy. Before and after the invasion of Iraq, we gathered to mourn and encourage a different approach.

Working with other citizens, including Gold Star parents, we promoted peace and provided a voice for many in our community who opposed the actions of politicians.

I had no connection to any of the photos shown on the commercial. They do take a recent photo of me and colored it to make me look darker. The blouse I am wearing in that photo is actually a white blouse.

My concern for veterans and active military personnel is why I expressed my opinions in the first place. I was a child of the Vietnam War, a war that impacted a generation and shaped many views. However, I understand that some citizens choose to pick up the flag and fight because they love their country. Those who choose to pick up a pen or a microphone love their country too.

History has proven these two options are not mutually exclusive, but are in fact mutually beneficial. They are two necessary sides of the same coin, a strong military and an engaged citizenry.

It has been many years since I was part of local CP. As a matter of fact, my desire to be more effective beyond activism led me to obtain a mid-career Master Degree in International Public Policy from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.

Because I expressed my convictions, I have been attacked. I say to my opponent, who never served, is that it really doesn’t matter who was for or against the war at this point, what matters what you are doing for veterans NOW.

My support of veterans today is well-documented, including helping provide veterans jobs. I am married to a Vet and have seen the importance of VA Hospitals and services for those who have served. In Sacramento, I will continue to do everything in my power to help veterans in our district, state and nation.

Honesty from the Start

My campaign runs on a policy of transparency and integrity. Starting with that approach, I want to be very clear that I have never tried to hide anything, or certainly ever “lied” including the misdemeanor and ticket I received over 10 years ago. Here is the truth, which can be verified by doing any background check.

On Sept. 7, 2001 I had been dining with friends in downtown San Luis Obispo. I left, drove two blocks and came to a police checkpoint. When asked, I answered that I had wine with dinner. I was over the limit and received a misdemeanor driving under the influence. It was embarrassing mistake, however, I will always be grateful no one was hurt and I learned my lesson. It’s on my record and I certainly never tried to hide this incident.

In 2005 I received a ticket for possession of a small amount of marijuana. I got a ticket and paid a fine. No arrests, or any other incidents. My opponent has used these mistakes to portray me as someone who is trying to hide her past. However, I’ve been open about my violations long before I began this campaign, and I understood they would come up again as I ran for office.

I am 57 years old. I believe candidates should be scrutinized, especially what they do today. I am not proud of my mistakes but making mistakes creates experience from which we can learn.

If you have any questions, I invite you to reach out and talk to me on how we can work together to improve our community.